Friday, 16 June 2017

Didier Lourenço

This impressive, charismatic artist, Didier Lourenço has created well-made, admirable pieces of art. I had the chance to find his work in an art galley in a tiny but well-known street in Barcelona called "Carrer de Petrixtol". Besides for all the chocolateries and cafés where you can enjoy the tasty and typical spanish desserts in the famous Street, art galleries are making their own steps, successfully to recognition. Thank you Didier for such stunning art.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Aisle Style Fashion

AISLE STYLE is one of my favorite websites for inspiration on bridesmaid dresses and wedding party dresses. Specially this year, that I will attend two weddings in summer and for the rest of Special occasions, I will check the webpage for special occasions dresses. The tiring process of looking for that beautiful dress which will catch the attention of everybody in the party is easier and pleasant through Aisle Style. Why?

They have a wide selection of outstanding Bridesmaid Dresses, from which you can select the price range, from 40 pounds to 200 and more; the colour of the fabric of the dress; the back details; the neckline; the style of the dress; the waist; the wedding venues; and the trend collection. Furthermore, they are very inclusive and have a special tag for Plus size bridesmaid dresses and Long bridesmaid dresses. So, the personalized seattings of the complete website allows you to have a marvelous experience. If you have clear ideas about the dress, it is a fast process and if not, you can always check the different features to decide for that special occasion. Some examples of the beautiful creations are the following:

Red dress to shine in the wedding available at:

Sparkling Bridesmaid Dress, available at:

As they say in the website, these lace bridesmaids dresses are all about romance, attention-to-detail, and unadulterated glamour!  Lace is on fashion, it is the most wanted fabric for this season,  due to its elegant and sophisticated pattern. It is something you can not afford to have in your wardrobe! Check the dresses in the section of Lace Bridesmaid Dresses.

This beautiful lace pattern bridesmaid dress is available at:

The following picture is from the 2017 Collection. Check the beautiful section on Bridesmaid Dresses 2017

Tulle Bridesmaid Dress available at:

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Mireia Ludevid

 Here I introduce Mireia Ludevid. She is a very talented woman based in Barcelona, wonderful photographer and artist, she captures the emotions, lights and fashion in an exquisite profesional style. Here are some examples of her pictures which she publishes in magazines like Neo2:

Check her complete portofolio in the following link:

Saturday, 25 February 2017

M of María

Sandals- Zara
Trouser- Isabael Marant

Saturday, 16 April 2016

artTe & Cuixart


I had the pleasure to spend lunch time in the "ArtTe" restaurant in Muntaner street in Barcelona. At the beginning of the restaurant, there is an area exclusevily dedicated to tea. Black tea, Red fruit tea, Earl Grey, any possibility is available!  A tea is always a good idea is their saying! #tealovers #josocartte.

 Then, there is another area, where they offer shows and concerts at night, perfect place to enjoy dinner! Jazz, photo exposititons, vermut time, opera, soul funk are examples of their monthly offers.  The restaurant menu is very complete, gourmet and healthy food served in creative ways.  From pasta to Tofu served in Vietnamite style, ArtTe is totally worh it! 

After visiting this restaurant, we went to an art gallery nearby, Mayoral, which hosts the Cuixart temporary exhibition. The exhibition features 27 artworks including oil painting, drawings and sculpture. Mélancolie, cretaed by French composer Francis Poulenc is reproduced by a piano player. This piece of art was Cuixart´s source of inspiration.

Cuixart was awarded the First International Prize for Painting at the 5th Sao Paulo Biennial. He exposed his works at MoMA, Guggenheim Museum of New York, Tate Gallery of London among several others! Come by! ;) 

Saturday, 9 April 2016


Welcome to Bumbu Roots!

 I introduce you to the new fashion brand that it is having an outstanding succes in Lisbon. 

A portuguese brand cretaed by the combination of Spanish and Mozambique designers and their great entrepeneurship and creativity skills.

 All the bags and accesories are unique, handmade by craft artists based in Portugal using the most wonderful African fabrics imported from the continent, putting them together in a very special piece of art. 


You can buy this awesome bags at " Feira das Almas" in Lisbon and try all the different kind of bags and patterns. Also you can buy them online at Merkatsu following this link:

Follow them at instagram @bumburoots
Also at Facebook Bumburoots !!  

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Best of France


"Adopt the French attitude"

"French Wink is the 1st American platfrom dedicated to support, import and gather French Creative Brands in the US in Art, Craft and Fashion."

I started to take pictures in its stand, i was delighted by the beutiful creations they have brought there, beautiful jumpers and sweaters, socks, pictures, necklaces, bracelet. Also, bags by Maison du Linge, with its lovely design and fabric.

- Claire Obry, co-founder & President of French Wink, corp. Check out the webpage: email: Call at: +19917-514-4187
Also check out Masion du Linge at


Claire Obry and Emilie Chassagne, co-founders of French Wink, Corp.


"4 hauteurs, une multitude de possibilités"

These are versatile and multifacetic shoes. Really confortable indeed and practical! Frist, you choose the kind of shoe you wannt amonf the different styles and shapes, mocasins, bailarinas, Oxford, etc.. Infinite varieties of shoes and way more varieties of heles you can clip and un-clip to your heel. After choosing the model you want from Tanya´s quality shoes, you can buy different heles and make as much combinations as you want having a confortable and unique shoe that looks tailor-made for you!
You won´t get bored of your Tanya Heath´s chaussures, with multiple possibilities for everyday!

For example, this Oxford shoe, with pink heel during the day and Golden heel for the night!

She is a great designer, based in Paris, concretly you can find her boutique at 22 Rue du Dragon, 75006 Paris, from 10h to 19h, or call at +0983804327. Her webpage is: FB: talontuese and email:



These are the well-known striped shirts that you may have seen Jean Paul Gaultier usually wearing. You can find different colours besides the most common one, the navy blue. Also, black, pink or red among others. these shirts fit perfectly with jeans, specially during summer season! Simple to wear, following the french saying, the simpler, the better!



Regarding the food, France is one of the best countries for its quality food! Famous and recognised as top cuisisne around the world, we could try it on the different stand of the exhibition!
Dry-cured duck prosciutto & mesclun salad. Nutmeg bread crumbs. Succulent and intense flavour!


 France´s  leading cheese company, we could try the Istara, P´tit Basque type of cheese and Brie, my favourite one! There was also an sculpture dedicated to the Brand made with butter. The World Guiness Record title for largest butter sculpture.


One of Paris best bakeries with franchises all over the world, had its stand full of people buying croissants, bread and more french delicatesen!